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Water transfer process

Time:2023-04-29 16:29:50

Water transfer decal paper is suitable for metal, stainless steel daily necessities, household appliances stainless steel panels, plastic products, computer peripherals, household appliances exterior accessories, other plastic crafts, aircraft, car and motorcycle remote control cars, telephones, mobile phones, electrical appliances, musical instruments, sporting goods, sports star dolls , Robots and game consoles, stationery, tableware, daily necessities and other fine models, toys, craft gifts, advertisements or gifts; fine boxes, gift boxes, jewelry boxes, etc.

Printed ceramic flower paper. It can be used to make patterns of various daily-use ceramics such as ceramic tableware and ceramic water utensils, and can also be used to make architectural tiles such as waistline, decorative ceramics, and decorative ceramics.

  Printed cellophane paper. It can be used for glass drinking utensils, glass bottles, advertising cups, various glass containers and decorative glass.

  Print helmet decals. It is widely used in the production of patterns on the surface of motorcycle helmets and safety helmets.

  Appliques for sporting goods. Such as making tennis rackets, fishing rods and other surface trademarks and signs; decals for metal pipe fittings, such as making patterns and texts for bicycle and motorcycle pipe fittings; making decals on the surface of toy car models, printing wooden decorative paper; stylish tattoo stickers ;