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Insulation Cup purchase skills

Time:2023-04-29 16:33:52

Currently on the market to sell the stainless steel thermos cup of many varieties,the price difference is also great, on the part of the consumer, do not understandthe principle, often spent a lot of money to buy the products as one wishes. How to get high quality vacuum insulation Cup?

First look at the appearance of the cup. A look at the inner and outer linersurface polishing is uniform, whether the bumps and scratches flaw insulation cup;

Two see mouth welding is smooth and consistent, the relationship between awater feeling is comfortable;

Three see plastic parts of poor quality. Will not only affect the service life, also the impact of drinking water hygiene;

Four see inner seal is tight. Screw plug and a cup body with appropriate. Screw in and out are free, whether water leakage. Fill a glass with water inverted four or five minutes or force a few left to verify whether water leakage. Look at theperformance of heat preservation, which is the main technical index of thermal insulation cup. Generally when the choose and buy is not possible in the standard inspection, but can be filled with hot water after feel check, not heat preservation cup into the hot water two minutes later at lower part of the cup body will heat, while the lower glass insulation is always cool.

Concrete has several following methods:

1, the vacuum insulation performance of simple identification method: boiling water is poured into the thermos cup in the clockwise screwing bottle or cupcover 2-3 minutes after touch the surface of the cup body, if the cup body has the obvious warm phenomenon, stating that the product has lost the vacuum degree, can not achieve good heat preservation effect.

2, the sealing performance identification method: in the cup of water, clockwisescrewing bottle and a cup cover, a cup flat on the table, should have no waterleakage; the cup cover and the cup mouth of the screw should be flexible, no gap.

3, plastic parts recognition method: food grade plastic is characterized by low o