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New cup cleaning

Time:2023-04-29 16:31:28

1. Soaked tea

Use the brewed tea leaves to wipe the cup, and the cup can be washed very clean.

2. Vinegar

Put the cup in a pot of cold water and add some vinegar. Bring it to a boil. The water should cover the cup, and then boil for another 20 minutes. After cooking, it can not only remove lead but also prevent cracking.

3. Boiled (this method must not be used for plastic cups)

If you boil it in water, just use cold water to boil it, but don't use cold water when you take it out, especially the glass is easy to burst.

4. Lemon peel, orange peel

Put a few slices of lemon zest and orange zest in the cup to soak overnight to remove the peculiar smell of the water cup.

5. Milk

The rag can be soaked in the milk to wipe the cup, and the dirt can be removed soon.